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Found 2 results

  1. Html Single Table Border

    Hi Using the information in this link, I'm trying to create a table for nutritional values. When I use the sample code, my result differs from the result in the example. The example shows a single border within and around the table cells. In BarTender the listed HTML code results in the image after the code, but I want a single border to divide the table cells and around the table, as in the example. CSS didn't work, I've tried the code for collapsed borders found on W3 schools. Thank you for helping me Kind regards Deman Bart <html><head><style type='text/css'> </style></head><body> <table style="background: AntiqueWhite;" border="1" width="300"> <tr style="background: DarkBlue; color: White"> <th> First Name </th> <th> Last Name </th> <th> City </th> <th> State </th> </tr> <tr> <td> Lisa </td> <td> Johnson </td> <td> Seattle </td> <td> WA </td> </tr> <tr> <td> John </td> <td> Smith </td> <td> Baltimore </td> <td> MD </td> </tr> <tr> <td> Sarah </td> <td> Donahue </td> <td> Dallas </td> <td> TX </td> </tr> </table></body></html> ANSWER: I've send a mail for support to Seagull, they've given me the quoted answer. In other words, it is an unresolved issue, to be fixed in future releases. (This message dates from 09 sept 2016, the BarTender version I'm using is 10.1)
  2. Hello all, I have searched the forums and documentation as well as speaking with tech support while I was onsite at a customer's location and no solution could be found. They have a fairly simple label that we need to connect to an Oracle DB(table). They got the Oracle Client/Drivers installed on the PC and we can now get into the process of Connecting to the DB. Oracle Server version is Driver version is OraClient11g_home1 In BarTender Add Database Connection Wizard, I choose ODBC, and then System Data Source and I get the list of tables from the DB. I see a bunch, but I do not see the two View tables I am looking for. I do see other View tables though. In troubleshooting I can connect via Access and see all of the expected tables including the two I need. They show with a name of FB.V_BART_RECEIPT_LINE and FB.V_BART_RECEIPT_MULTI_LOTS. I can see the fields as well. Looking through the entire list of tables in the BarTender Add Database Connection Wizard, I noticed that it does show two tables named V_BART_RECEIPT_LINE and V_BART_RECEIPT_MULTI_LOTS. I was able to add one of these tables, but then cannot see anything in the table and (if I remember when this happened correctly) get a BarTender error #3238. It also lists other errors in the body: "0x80040E37 ORA-00942: table or view does not exist" and "0x80040E37 Table does not exist." My thought is that the FB tables are a different type of View table that BarTender cannot access, but I don't use Oracle and am no expert at how they do things. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Shawn Christopherson American Barcode and RFID