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Found 62 results

  1. Good Afternoon, We are currently looking to integrate BarTender into a solution whereby when a box comes from the carton former it will gain its own unique reference number. This will be automatically printed when the box passes a photoelectric sensor. This unique reference barcode will be used through the order pick and process. At the end of the process it will be automatically scanned by a fixed barcode scanner, at this point we would like to integrate with BarTender once again so that it will poll and print the boxes shipping label. The shipping label will be downloaded and stored as as a PDF within a folder awaiting printing. I would welcome any thoughts and feedback to how this could be implemented using BarTender. Thanks. Chris.
  2. Last Page Not Printing

    Greetings, Apologizes if this has been answered before, I was unable to find an answer. When printing Sticker labels through bartender to a Sharp MX-M753N the last page will not print. The last page as be reprinted with no issues. Is there a setting i can check for this? Thanks.
  3. I have a C# application where I print a variety of labels using the BarTender API. The "usual" scenario is Create BarTender object and get required document Load data from database Populate the substrings in the document Request printing for N serial number This works fine and the labels are printed rapidly as, I believe, the serialisation is handled by the printer. Now in a single scenario, I have a unique piece of data per serial number which is generated by the application (not from database). My application now looks like this Create BarTender object and get required document Load data from database For each Label Required Populate the substring in the document (including serial number and generated data) Request printing for the single label Next Label Naturally, this runs much slower as each label is being sent as a single print job. Any suggestions as to how I could improve this print time would be much appreciated. Cheers Geoff
  4. Simplifying Printing From Csv

    Hi there- We are currently investigating various barcode printing softwares for our retail business; as such we are trying to find the easiest printing workflow for our daily operations. Throughout the day we receive CSV files with the same heading fields, just varying values, in this case a Product_name, Price and Barcode field. How would we go about setting up Bartender to (ideally in one-click) facilitate printing the same label type utilizing the varying CSV file? Thanks so much - Hopefully Bartender is our answer to difficulties.
  5. Wrong Number Of Labels Printing

    Hello, We have been selling BarTender for years and have run into a new issue never encountered before. We are working with a customer and pulling order data from a database. Each order may have different products, and each product may have multiple copies. Right now, the system is creating a new label for each unique product, and using the QTY field from the database, it is setup to make copies for a unique product that may have multiples. All is working 100% in preview. But when I actually print the labels, it is only printing one label for each product. (i.e. no copies for the products that have multiples.) When printing, it shows Printing...... #1 #2-#3 (this product has 2 copies) #4 In the print spooler it only shows only three pages. But again, the preview works fine - see attached. (Red number is value of the QTY field.) Any ideas?? -Brian
  6. Hello, I am currently printing from SAP by sending a txt file to a folder. i would like to export an image instead of printing a label. How can i do it from the txt file? if not doable how can i configure the label to automatically export an image? Thanks, Nadav
  7. 2Nd Barcode Under First Issue.

    Hello. Lately I have been having an issue with Bartender 10.1 putting a second bar-code under the layer of the first bar-code. This makes my labels unable to be scanned properly. The .btw files for my labels haven't been changed and neither has anything in bartender. Does anyone have an idea of how this could have come about and how to fix it?
  8. Hello, I am using a Zebra printer GC420T with seagull ZPL drivers and I am trying to print a part of my label that is in Arial Black size 14 in Italics. Using true type fonts from Bartender there is no issue. But when I download the Arial Black font in either scalable or BMP method, it loses the italics. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this ? thanks Gerhard
  9. Excel Vba Printing

    Hey all, I'm currently having an issue with my code in excel VBA. It seems like it would be relatively easy, but I cannot figure out the solution. It involves printing to Bartender from a combo box drop down list. And while the list is working and shows my data, whatever code I seem to use prints all records of the database, rather than just the specific record that I have selected. If there is someone who thinks they may be able to help me I would really appreciate it. I was reading on the forums somewhere it might have to do with "activeformat" but there was never a continuation of how to fix it or if that was for sure the reasoning. Here is my code: Sub openSpecificLabel() Dim BarTender As Object Dim dirfile As String dirfile = "something" Dim btApp As BarTender.Application Dim btFormat As BarTender.Format Set btApp = New BarTender.Application Set btFormat = New BarTender.Format btApp.Visible = False btApp.Formats.Open (dirfile) On Error Resume Next If Range("B2").Value > 0 Then For i = 1 To Range("B2").Value btFormat.RecordRange = (WireLabelBox.LabelList) btFormat = btApp.ActiveFormat.Printout (false, false) & i Next i btApp.Quit Else btApp.Quit End If End Sub
  10. I have a label is there a way to setup a field to select an image on the data entry form when printing. Example label has a logo but would like to give user a chance to switch logos at print job time.
  11. Print One Record From Commander

    I have an output file coming from an ERP system with multiple records. I want to only print the first record in that output. The file is formatted with a command script at the top, then the headers, and then the data rows. I only want to print the first row of data. Is this possible using BarTender Commander setup. Thanks for your help! Josh
  12. Hi all, we have a zdesigner label printer connected to PC A via usb, all set up and working great It is then shared. PC B has it installed via network, as it is a shared printer. When PC A prints labels from print station they are 100% perfect When PC B prints the same exact labels from print station, they are rotated 180 degrees? What could be causing this? I should point out that the labels themselves are on a file server, not either of the machines. And the shared printer is set to 'render print jobs locally' could that last part be the cause? thanks
  13. Bartender, What's the recommended setup if we have the same label layout but we want to be able to change the label size? Two different files bartender files each with their own page setup attributes? For example: I have the same label that sometimes prints for smaller bottles.. 3 on one page in portrait mode. and then sometimes we need to print the same labels.. 2 on one page in landscape mode thanks, Anthony
  14. We've been using BarTender for a number of years now, and this is first time we've come across this issue. Basically, we're printing batches of product labels, each with serialised barcodes and human readable text displayed. It appears that after printing a number of labels successfully (usually 10 or 11), the barcode and readable text stop being printed. What we know so far is: This only happens if the Print Method (i.e. object's properties > Symbology and Size > Print Method) options "Barcodes and human readable text controlled by BarTender" or "Barcodes controlled by the printer and text controlled by BarTender" are set. In the second case, only the text is affected with the barcode printing and scanning correctly Changing properties such as barcode dimensions, symbology or text font and size have no effect Nor does changing the Print > Object Print Method > TrueType Text option to Raster Graphics For some context: We are using the Automation edition of BarTender with version 10.0 SR4 and build 2868 installed The printer being used is the Zebra S4M (300 dpi) - ZPL. Drivers have been updated to latest available - version: 7.4.1 Any ideas what's happening? Thanks, Ali
  15. Printing Though C#

    HI All, We have purchased he Bartender Professional Software.. I have also created our Inventory system in C# and would like to integrate the Printing of my Labels straight through my Program. I am not sure if the Professional can give me this functionality as it gives me error that I am using a more elevated function. My Code: btFormat = btApp.Formats.Open(@"\\aegserv1\AlgoaProgram\BigLabel.btw", true, "ZDesigner GK420d"); btFormat.JobName = "BigLabelPrint"; btFormat.SetNamedSubStringValue("lblItem", temp._description); btFormat.SetNamedSubStringValue("lblQty", temp._qty.ToString()); btFormat.SetNamedSubStringValue("lblDate", temp._datePoReceived.ToShortDateString()); btFormat.SetNamedSubStringValue("lblGRNNumber", temp._grnNo); btFormat.SetNamedSubStringValue("lblSupplier", temp._supplier._CompanyName); btFormat.SetNamedSubStringValue("lblExpDate", temp._expiryDate.ToShortDateString()); btFormat.SetNamedSubStringValue("lblItem", temp._description); btFormat.SetNamedSubStringValue("lblRemarks", temp._addInfo); btFormat.SetNamedSubStringValue("lblStockNumber", temp._stockCode); btFormat.Print("BigLabelPrint", true, -1, out btnMessages); btFormat.Close(BarTender.BtSaveOptions.btSaveChanges); Any Help would be appreciated Kind Regards
  16. Printing Container Numbers

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet that I am trying to link as a database to a label template. It is in the following format: [Name] [Part#] [#ofcontainters] Dog ABC 2 Cat DEF 3 If a given line lists X number of containers, I want to print that row X times and place a counter for the # out of X that printer For example, the above sheet would be expanded to [Name] [Part#] [#ofcontainters] Dog ABC 2 Dog ABC 2 Cat DEF 3 Cat DEF 3 Cat DEF 3 and the labels printed would be: Dog ABC 1 of 2 Dog ABC 2 of 2 Cat DEF 1 of 3 Cat DEF 2 of 3 Cat DEF 3 of 3 Thanks for your help!
  17. Lines Too Long

    Hi all, I am getting bit weird problem when printing specific template. In this template lines are used for grid and one line is longer in printed form opposed to its state in design. Document in question is Test.btw with data from CSV file test.csv both placed under C:\Printing folder. On picture you can see one vertical line is out of place at top and at bottom of table. This confuses me, since same line is drawn differently in designer. Suggestions are welcome, thanks in advance.
  18. We have a very weird situation. We have been creating, testing labels in BarTender and Librarian and all works perfectly. However when we go to PrintStation we get error 2622, you do not have rights to print. If we go into Librarian and BarTender with the same account it prints fine. Upon further tests we have found out that if the user checks out the file first then PrintStation works, if the file is checked in or checked out to another user then it fails with the error 2622. We cannot be unique with this issue so any help would be gratefully received. BarTender Enterprise Automation version 10.1 database version running on Windows 2012 server running SQL. Many thanks Nigel
  19. I have 3 images in a document. Depending upon which print copy it's on, I want to show image 1, 2, or 3. I have attempted to do this via the Mod operator, placing the following script within the OnIdenticalCopies event: If Format.IsPrinting Or Format.IsPrintPreview Then Select Case counter Mod 3 Case 0 UserMessage Severity, "0" Format.Objects("Picture 1").PrintVisibility = True Format.Objects("Picture 2").PrintVisibility = False Format.Objects("Picture 3").PrintVisibility = False Case 1 UserMessage Severity, "1" Format.Objects("Picture 1").PrintVisibility = False Format.Objects("Picture 2").PrintVisibility = True Format.Objects("Picture 3").PrintVisibility = False Case 2 UserMessage Severity, "2" Format.Objects("Picture 1").PrintVisibility = False Format.Objects("Picture 2").PrintVisibility = False Format.Objects("Picture 3").PrintVisibility = True End Select counter = counter + 1 End If ('counter' is defined in 'Procedures For All Events') The message box, when printing or previewing, correctly shows 0, 1, 2 in turn, but only Picture 1 is ever printed. What's happening?
  20. Hi, I am hoping that someone on here can help me. The company i work for are in the manufacturing sector. We produce a high volume of product and each product needs a label. We use a mixture of Zebra TLP2844 and Zebra GC420t printers. The labels we use at the moment are not designed in BarTender, but i have been looking in to BarTender labels as a potential solution. The problem that we are having is that we use a variety of label sizes, and either a TLP2844 or GC240t printer. We often find that the alignment of the label is not correct. I am wondering if there is a way to combat this using BarTender? Thanks in advance for any support.
  21. Hi, I'm doing a clothing tag design for a textile company and using their national database, now they have requested that can we print the size onto each clothing tag, but their database doesn't actually have the size it has the size as a header field in the database and the quantity of that size that needs to be printed, my question is can I print each fields quantity and depending on which field quantity it is printing have the corrisponding header printed (or my text) in the sizing text field? I.e. Size: 5 (10 copies), 6 (5 copies), 7 (0 copies), etc, etc. I'm perfectly fine to program this in VB Script but I just need a nudge in the right direction. I am using the Data Entry Form for Textile Font Symbols so I can use radio buttons, check buttons, etc, etc.
  22. I have created Asp.Net MVC solution and tested the full application functionality including printing and everything is working fine using VS2015 and IIS Express. I deployed the same application in my local IIS and printing is not working. I am not sure if I have to provide any access in IIS that would enable printing or something else. Can anyone please help me to resolve this issue. If there are some guidelines while publishing an application in IIS that would also help a lot. Thanks
  23. Hi, have a real good challenge to solve and would love some help on this matter. I have installed Bartender on the server configured it and is working well. I then installed it on my PC and did the same and it is working fine. However, I have installed it on another PC with the same settings and I just cannot get the label to print at all. Current Config: Bartender is installed and mapped to a SQL database with a script. I have an ODBC connection to the SQL DB with a user that has read rights to the database. (Works on server and my PC) I have the Bartender Service running as administrator and the printer drivers are correct. This works on the server and on my PC, all PC's are Win 7. Label templates are configured with Barcode, Single Text line (Product Code) and Multiple Line (Product Description). It works on server and my PC. The issue is, I select the Product code from database and want to print 1 label. When I print the label nothing is printed or spooled. I can print a test print from Windows successfully. When I select the printer from the menu bar within Bartender and select the "test print" (not the "print" option), I get the test print with the sample data information from the datasource. However when I select the "print" option (not the "test print" option), I am able to select the product code and amount of labels, and when I print this out, nothing is printed out of the printer or spooled to the printer. When I print to file, the rpt file is empty. Would appreciate all help. Regards Granto
  24. Multiple Quantity Fields

    Hi, This is my screen shot of a care label data entry screen I'm designing for a client, would it be possible to have multiple quantity fields? So instead of taking the quantities from a database the customer wants to be able to enter in the quantities for each size and then press print, all other data will stay the same (from a database or drop down box) and just the sizing will change with the quantities in the text fields.
  25. Multiple Quantity Fields

    Hi, This is my screen shot of a care label data entry screen I'm designing for a client, would it be possible to have multiple quantity fields? So instead of taking the quantities from a database the customer wants to be able to enter in the quantities for each size and then press print, all other data will stay the same (from a database or drop down box) and just the sizing will change with the quantities in the text fields.