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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I am trying to change the current 1D barcode to GS1-128. However, I am having a few issues and they are as follows: - I have updated the data source (excel file) and added a leading zero to my GTIN 13 to make it 14 characters. However, Bartender does not detect that leading '0' and ends up adding a check digit at the end. - Even when I check the data in FILE - DATABASE CONNECTION - BROWSE it still show the numbers swithout a leading zero. - Also when I use the AI DATA SOURCE WIZARD to create barcodes, the data format for GTIN remains as 13 characters even when I change the data source to 14 characters. - AI 22 is obsolete, however it still shows up on my list on Bartender. How do I update my software? Can someone please guide me through this as I am new to using Bartender. Thank you.
  2. Hello, I used the C39Mod43 function to create the custom check digit for a 2D Data Matrix. The check digit appears as expected on the code and the human readable content (Value = 7) but when I print, the custom check digit value changes to a different character. (I get "P" instead of the number "7") Why does the value change when I print? I also used a event based script but it didn't work. Kindly help. Exp.btw Thanks.
  3. Need To Create A Custom Check Digit

    Hello, do to one of customer requirements I need to create a custom check digit when printing a bar code. I scanned thru the forums and found this code that might work for us. But when I try to run it I get a If somebody code tell me what that doing I would appreciate it. I tried different things but cannot seem to get past it. I really need to work in Version 8, but I am testing in Version 10. Thanks. Terry Type Mismatch 'MyMod' at line 22. Dim result, k, lett, calc, lenIni result = "aaavh" 'Replaces the characters "." and "-" if entered. result = Replace (result,"-","") result = Replace(result,".","99") k = 1 lenIni = Len(result) While k <= lenIni lett = Mid(result, k, 1) 'Replaces alpha values by its position in the ASCII table. If (Not IsNumeric(lett)) Then result = Replace (result, lett, CStr(Asc(lett)-55)) lenIni = lenIni + (Len(result)-lenIni) End If k = k + 1 WEnd 'Algorithm applied over resulting value. calc = MyMod(MyMod(CDbl(result)*100, 97), 97) Value = Right(calc,2)
  4. Qr Code Needs Ucc/ean128 Check Digit

    Hi, I'm printing a string of data exported from my ERP system (via flat file) that includes data identifiers and I have a new need for 2D symbology due to space constraints on the label. When I print a linear code 128, I have the option (within Bartender) to select UCC/EAN-128 and the 'check digit' box is already checked. The software adds the check digit and my barcode is happy. But I do not have the same provision for QR code. Is there a way to add it? Example data string: Raw: 01008838738709111150518172005152143094688 With check digit (16th char): 010088387387091411150518172005152143094688 Showing data identifiers and the check digit (the first 4 in the string): (01)0088387387091 4 (11)150518 (17)200515 (21)43094688 Any help would be appreciated. Oh- what version of Bartender you ask? V6.20.... I know, I know...... -Trevor
  5. I have a HIBC barcode on my label that's giving me printing issues. The secondary barcode's check digit calculates correctly in Bartender, but prints incorrectly. I've tried it with two different printers, plus a PDF printer. The expiration date and lot number in the attached file is exactly what I've been entering when printing. I'm pretty confused by this one, which makes me think maybe I've been staring at my computer screen too long and I'm missing something obvious. If anyone could take a look at the file and let me know your thoughts, I'd greatly appreciate it. Frank x45-903-L - Tray Lbl - 4732-1 - 10 units - Rev C.btw
  6. Encode Rfid With Codabar Check Digit?

    Hello, I had a request for a set of labels with incremental Codabar barcodes and matching RFID tags. I was able to do that, but now they want to add a Mod-10 check digit to both the Codabar and the RFID! I posted the Codabar question in the barcode category, but even if it's possible on the barcode, is there any way to do that on the RFID?
  7. Codabar With Checksum

    Hello, I have a request for a set of incremental barcodes in Codabar, which I can do. The problem is, they also want them to have a check digit or checksum -- Mod 10 check character is what they called it. Is there any way to do this in BarTender? They also want the same numbers encoded (including the check digit) in RFID, which I'm pretty sure is impossible, but I'm going to post that question in the RFID category.
  8. Code 128 Check Digit

    I'm working in Bartender 10 and I'm trying to create a 7 digit barcode with a check digit at the end, that would appear both in a scan and in the human readable (For example it would be 1486179X, X being the check digit). I've done some reading up and I think I am looking for a visual basic script to add in to my barcoding. Any ideas out there?