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Found 3 results

  1. I made a QR code as below: A«HT»B When scanner reads, only "AB" is displayed. How can I display "A" --> make tab function --> display "B"? Regards,
  2. I am using Bartender and I want to create a barcode that cause a 'shift tab' key combination that will force the cursor back to the previous cell in Excel. Left arrow key combination will work as well. Any thoughts?
  3. Hi I'm using Bartender in combination with commander to pass data into a label designed in Bartender. I'm Trying to pass some data so a field has say an order number of 12345 and then an escape key in code 128. After some googling about code 128, I believe ~027 represents and escape function? so I'm passing Bartender 12345~027 expecting to see 12345 and then an escape function to happen. I'm also trying to do a similar thing with the TAB function. Does anyone know how to represent these two functions in Code 128 for Bartender? **EDIT** Sorry the version we're using is 7.5.1 if it helps.