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Found 5 results

  1. I made a QR code as below: A«HT»B When scanner reads, only "AB" is displayed. How can I display "A" --> make tab function --> display "B"? Regards,
  2. Hi, I have noticed a problem and I'm not sure how to solve it. If I create a barcode with the @ Symbol in (E.g a code 128 reading @@1234), it displays the symbol on the software and when I print it out. However, when I try to scan the barcode it will change the symbol into a " symbol ( @@1234 --> ""1234). This is probably a simple issue to sort out, but Is there a way this can be fixed? (also I am trying to do this on a QR Code, and I have tested this on several barcode formats)
  3. Qr Code With Multiple Data

    My Company Logistic want to make QR Code with multiple data, for example : RV_Number S/N Mat_No. Qty Mat_Spec Size Program The problem is, When I scan it with Barcode Reader, the result is like this : RV_Number : XXXS/N : XXXMat_No. : XXXQty : XXXMat_Spec : XXXSize : XXXProgram : XXX how I make QR Code in BarTender so the data when I scan it with Barcode Reader have a break like this : RV_Number : XXX S/N : XXX Mat_No. : XXX Qty : XXX Mat_Spec : XXX Size : XXX Program : XXX Any Help will be Appreciate. Thanks.
  4. Qr Code Needs Ucc/ean128 Check Digit

    Hi, I'm printing a string of data exported from my ERP system (via flat file) that includes data identifiers and I have a new need for 2D symbology due to space constraints on the label. When I print a linear code 128, I have the option (within Bartender) to select UCC/EAN-128 and the 'check digit' box is already checked. The software adds the check digit and my barcode is happy. But I do not have the same provision for QR code. Is there a way to add it? Example data string: Raw: 01008838738709111150518172005152143094688 With check digit (16th char): 010088387387091411150518172005152143094688 Showing data identifiers and the check digit (the first 4 in the string): (01)0088387387091 4 (11)150518 (17)200515 (21)43094688 Any help would be appreciated. Oh- what version of Bartender you ask? V6.20.... I know, I know...... -Trevor
  5. Add Space Or Line Between

    the title should be , HOW TO ADD A SPACE OR LINE IN THE QRCODE ? Hi all, may i know how to add a space or line in the data source so the outcome will be more tidy ? I had prepared the database but have no idea how to make the scan result in qr code become tidy and formatted. Regards ========= i am so sorry that i don't know how to edit the title.