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Found 35 results

  1. Barcode Card Types

    Code 93: Capable of encoding the exact same characters as normal Code 39 barcode cards; uppercase letters A-Z; digits 0-9; and special characters such as SPACE, minus (-), period (.), dollar sign ($), slash (/), percent (%), and plus (+). The only difference is that this barcode symbol is more compact. PostNET: This numeric-only symbol is capable of encoding digits 0-9 and can be printed as a 5-digit PostNET barcode, a 9-digit Zip+4 PostNET barcode, or a 9-digit DPBC PostNET barcode. UPC-A: This fixed-length, numeric-only symbol must contain 12 digits. EAN_JAN-8: This fixed-length; numeric-only symbol is a compressed version of the UPC-A. All bar code cards must contain 6 digits and because the UPC-E is used for the number system, all symbols must begin with a zero. Code 128: This is an alphanumeric symbol capable of encoding digits 0-9, upper and lowercase letters A-Z, and all standard ASCII symbols. Code128 is variable length—the more characters, the larger the barcode symbol will be on the finished plastic card. UCC_EAN128: This symbol is capable of encoding the same characters as a normal Code 128 barcode; digits 0-9; upper and lowercase letters A-Z; and all standard ASCII symbols. However, the UCC/EAN 128 Barcode formats the data in a different way so that the type of information encoded can be identified. This is done with application identifiers. These 2, 3, or 4 digit numbers are enclosed in parenthesis and identify the type of data that follows. EAN_JAN-13: This fixed length, numeric-only symbol is similar to the UPC-A, but encodes 13 characters instead of 12. UPC_E: This fixed-length; numeric-only symbol is a compressed version of the UPC-A. All barcodes must contain 6 digits, and because the UPC-E is used for the number system zero, all symbols must begin with a zero. CodaBar: Capable of encoding digits 0-9 as well as six special characters, (-) dash, ( colon, (.) period, ($) dollar sign, (/) slash and (+) plus. The start/stop characters A, B, C, and D can also be included on each bar code card. Code 39: Capable of encoding uppercase letters A-Z; digits 0-9; and special characters such as SPACE, minus (-), period (.), dollar sign ($), slash (/), percent (%) and plus (+).This barcode can be of any length, but the more characters encoded, the larger the symbol will be. Interleaved2of5: This is a numeric-only barcode card type that must contain an even number of digits. MSI_Plessey: This variant of the Plessey barcode is capable of encoding the digits 0-9 and is variable length.
  2. Rfid Will Be The Furture

    last month I brought some NFC sticker on http://www.asiarfid.com/NFC-sticker for my phone,it's really awesome. Compared with barcodes, the RFID is more convenient,I think RFID will be used in almost every industry in the future,barcode will be eliminated.
  3. Good Afternoon, We are currently looking to integrate BarTender into a solution whereby when a box comes from the carton former it will gain its own unique reference number. This will be automatically printed when the box passes a photoelectric sensor. This unique reference barcode will be used through the order pick and process. At the end of the process it will be automatically scanned by a fixed barcode scanner, at this point we would like to integrate with BarTender once again so that it will poll and print the boxes shipping label. The shipping label will be downloaded and stored as as a PDF within a folder awaiting printing. I would welcome any thoughts and feedback to how this could be implemented using BarTender. Thanks. Chris.
  4. <Rs> Output In A Datamatrix

    Hi All, I created a datamatrix using the normal HTML symbology - ^] = <GS>, ^D=<EO> etc. - however, when I try to input the Record Separator symbol of ^^ the barcode produced does not output the <RS> but rather just a singular ^ when it is being read. I am relatively new to the software so any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Simplifying Printing From Csv

    Hi there- We are currently investigating various barcode printing softwares for our retail business; as such we are trying to find the easiest printing workflow for our daily operations. Throughout the day we receive CSV files with the same heading fields, just varying values, in this case a Product_name, Price and Barcode field. How would we go about setting up Bartender to (ideally in one-click) facilitate printing the same label type utilizing the varying CSV file? Thanks so much - Hopefully Bartender is our answer to difficulties.
  6. Barcode Duplication

    Hallo, I am trying to find the way how to use BarTender for barcode duplication. During our routine laboratory work we need fast duplication of the barcodes, means scanning the barcodes by the barcode scanner and fast if possible automatic reproduction of the scanned barcode. Is it possible to use BarTender for such application ? Thanks, Mario
  7. On Windows Server 2012, there's an intermittent error when customers try to print from the client. The error is: "The process cannot access the file [flle path] because it is being used by another process." Any idea what could be causing this error? At least sometimes if the customer re-tries printing a couple times, the barcode will eventually print. As a corollary, is there a way to print from the client that does not use a prn file? Thanks!
  8. Hi, i have the following request from a colleague, he has a generic barcode in an excel-document with related information to that barcode. This information is printed on a serialized label, but now he asks if it is possible to add the serialization to the barcode itself at printtime, so every product has his own unique barcode. For example; At this moment the printed, generic barcode is generated based on XYZ.1234567. In the Bartender inputform the operator indicates that there should be 5 labels printed, the printed barcodes should contain in the new situation: XYZ.1234567-1 XYZ.1234567-2 XYZ.1234567-3 XYZ.1234567-4 XYZ.1234567-5 We user Bartender 10.1 Automation. Best regards, Jos
  9. 2Nd Barcode Under First Issue.

    Hello. Lately I have been having an issue with Bartender 10.1 putting a second bar-code under the layer of the first bar-code. This makes my labels unable to be scanned properly. The .btw files for my labels haven't been changed and neither has anything in bartender. Does anyone have an idea of how this could have come about and how to fix it?
  10. Human Readable Problem

    Good Morning! I am brand new at Bartender UDI labels so I am not as sophisticated in my knowledge as most of the people here in this form. Please bear with me and be patient! I would really appreciate help! I have attached a word doc that shows a screen shot of a UDI label (GS1 matrix barcode) that I am attempting to work on at work. Notice the three lines of human readable information I have included. The first line is of course the GTIN number. The second line is for Lot number and the third line is for expiration date. Here's my questions: 1) For the third line when I pick embedded data for the expiration date, it shows up as all zeroes. How can I make it appear on the actual label as YYMMDD instead of zeroes? Realize I have no knowledge of how to do this at all. Watch your technical lingo because I'm new to this! 2) When I go to print these, when our labelling group at work starts to print this, will options pop up for them so they can actually enter a lot number (as each lot number for this product is different) and the expiration date? If not how do you create this option? Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it. And I just tried to upload a word doc showing the screenshot I took of my problem (hopefully described above) and it keeps saying below my message here that I'm not permitted to upload this kind of file. Why?? I'll try to describe below what I'm seeing on the label I created: (01) GTIN number (not listing the number out here but that's what is here) (10)XXXXXX (17)000000 (Barcode is on the right of these three lines) Program: BarTender Designer 2016 R2 License: Professional Version: (32-bit) OS: Windows 7 Professional [x86], SP1 Thanks again! Renee
  11. Hi, we have an idea that we aren't sure if its possible to do or how to achieve. We have linked a Microsoft Excel document as a data source to a simple address label (with a code 128 barcode on with text on). We have designed it so a customer could print any record (or multiple) at a time and it can be used in a quick situation. The thing we are trying to achieve, is if multiple labels be printed out (e.g 100's) it could get confusing for customers. Is there any way for a separate label / template or blank label could automatically get printed when a new record from the Excel file gets printed? The customer wants to prints multiple copies of the same record at a time with other labels, so it could get confusing for them as the layout is so simple.
  12. We've been using BarTender for a number of years now, and this is first time we've come across this issue. Basically, we're printing batches of product labels, each with serialised barcodes and human readable text displayed. It appears that after printing a number of labels successfully (usually 10 or 11), the barcode and readable text stop being printed. What we know so far is: This only happens if the Print Method (i.e. object's properties > Symbology and Size > Print Method) options "Barcodes and human readable text controlled by BarTender" or "Barcodes controlled by the printer and text controlled by BarTender" are set. In the second case, only the text is affected with the barcode printing and scanning correctly Changing properties such as barcode dimensions, symbology or text font and size have no effect Nor does changing the Print > Object Print Method > TrueType Text option to Raster Graphics For some context: We are using the Automation edition of BarTender with version 10.0 SR4 and build 2868 installed The printer being used is the Zebra S4M (300 dpi) - ZPL. Drivers have been updated to latest available - version: 7.4.1 Any ideas what's happening? Thanks, Ali
  13. I'm having an issue with a label I'm trying to create. I'm currently recreating all of our existing labels that were used in LabelMatrix, and I've found a label that uses a barcode that pulls data from 3 different sources in the label at once. I've found how to make the barcode pull the data from one of the three fields in the label, but not all three. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Ta!
  14. Gs-128 Barcode Designing

    Hi, i was trying to create a barcode for item number, Our item number can have alpha numeric characters. So, when i try to use Global Trade Item Number (01), it is not allowing to have alphabets in the code. any suggestions or help to create barcode would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Regards, varma.
  15. Hi, I have noticed a problem and I'm not sure how to solve it. If I create a barcode with the @ Symbol in (E.g a code 128 reading @@1234), it displays the symbol on the software and when I print it out. However, when I try to scan the barcode it will change the symbol into a " symbol ( @@1234 --> ""1234). This is probably a simple issue to sort out, but Is there a way this can be fixed? (also I am trying to do this on a QR Code, and I have tested this on several barcode formats)
  16. Hi I have a customer who want to print a EAN13 barcode from MS Word. He has got a new pc with win8.1, and MS Word 2016 installed. When we try to create the barcode font in the Seagull driver, it dont show up in the fontlist in Word. I have tried this on my own pc (Win 8.1 and MSOffice 2013), and i'm having the same problem. Could any of you help on this issue ? Regards form Denmark
  17. Hi, i have an issue with particular labels im printing which contain a barcode as wel as tiff images. Sometimes when printing the label, the printer prints it without an image as well as a barcode at the same time. Then, when i print again, the image and barcode are printed correctly. I have checked the paths (the image files are located in a static folder and the information about which image to print, as well as the barcode information is retreived from a text file and image names from an SQL database. It is especially strange to me that as well as the barcode and image are both not printed then this event occurs. We print from a Valentin Duoprint 160/12 and use Bartender 10.1 SR 4 Automation build 2961. LLF-LanguageBlockA.btw
  18. Password Protecting Bar Code Data

    I am trying to figure out a way to password protect the data that is embedded in a created bar code. Is possible to link a password to a bar code so that when it is scanned the data cannot be accessed until a password key is entered? and/or Is it possible to link a bar code to only be scanned and read by a certain scanner and coming up with either no or misinformation when another scanner attempts to scan the bar code? If either is possible how would I go about creating a bar code like that in bartender?
  19. Change Barcode Info After Its Printed

    I assume that if I print a barcode for my product, and the barcode reveals the price when I scan it, that if I wish to change the price of my product, I would not have to print new barcodes? I can go into BarTender and update the database? Then when I scan the barcode again it will reveal a new price? I have searched these forums, google, the Bartender help guides, and have played with Bartender for several hours and I cannot confirm if this is possible. Please advise. Thank you and have a nice day!
  20. I am trying print barcodes using Bartender version 10.1 and AVERY 5195 labels. Label size is 2/3" x 1.75". I cannot find a standard template on the software. I am having trouble creating a custom template. Has anyone use 5195 labels before? thanks
  21. Multiple Barcodes On 1 Label

    Hello world of labels and barcoding:) I'm trying out different things now, but could not get the right solution for my problem. The thing is, I'm creating a carton label with multiple barcodes on it. The barcodes are connected with an excel file. In this excel file, the data for the barcodes are in one and the same column. The problem is, the barcodes are all the same because they get the first row in the datasheet. How can I get, (example: select the 5 barcodes required on the label in bartender when printing) the barcodes identical to the data in the column? I hope my question and problem is clear enough. Thanks in advance for anyone who is trying to help me. Rick Kleinherebrink Logistics Process Engineer at Timberland
  22. Barcode Alignment With Text

    I have 2 questions 1 Question I have a 4x6 label on which I will be displaying 24 labels (Shown in the attachment B1....B24). The plan is to have 2 columns and show 12 barcodes in each side. As seen in the attachment the barcodes are not aligned to the left even though I have set the left alignment for these barcode. Please let me know what do I need to do to left align the barcode irrespective of the number of digits in the serial number. 2 Question Where can I find the details about all the features of the barcode. Mainly I am interested in understanding role of density and type feature of barcode. pic.bmp
  23. Hi, As mentioned in title, i'm facing problem whereby the size of the barcode printed in my label is changing automatically when i print multiple copies. The original setting for the barcode is X dimension=5.00 mils, Density= 31.730 chars/in, and the 1st print out stay at the correct setting; however when i print more than 1 copy in series, i found at 2nd copy, the X dimension of the barcode changed to 6.66 mils & Density changed to 27.272 chars/in. This only affected the 2nd print out but the original templates stay the same with no changes made. In short, I'm now have two labels, which printed with same template but the output is different in barcode's length. Anyone have clue on this and may i know how to solve it? The source of the barcode is trigger by running serial number and the templates was locked by password. I used visual basic script to control & trigger printing of this barcode label. The printer i use is Zebra Gx430t. Thanks.
  24. Hi, We saw the topic "2873-excel-file-printing-5-barcodes-on-1-label" and we want to push that little bit further. The idea is : we want to generate multiple line of barcode (see previous topic) and at the same time having some input by the database (For example: sender). Is it possible ? We're using file text as database. Thanks.
  25. Cannot Replace Default Value

    I am attempting to change a barcode default value from 800 to 4000. This barcode is controlled by a named data source, "QuantityValue", which is linked to a Data Entry Control, "CartonQuantityPrompt" (Frequency: Once at Start of Print Job) "QuantityValue" has no other transforms. I have changed the value of the Data Source named "QuantityValue" from four different properties windows, but each time I try to save the label file, it always resets, back to 800, upon screen-refresh. What have I missed? Thank you much! -sols